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Our From the Heart Gifts family is sad to share the passing of Mary Hoyle.  Mary is one of the founding members of From the Heart Gifts, Inc. and it would not have come to fruition without her loving kindness and passion for giving to those in need in our community.  If you were a family that received gifts from us over the past 6 years, it is very likely that Mary was the elf that worked to get your family's wish list filled out.  She was master at finding out what each individual most wanted that Holiday season and would remember even the smallest details of each individuals list.  She also made all the delivery arrangements so all of us elves could easily, efficiently and joyfully drop bins and stockings full of gifts off to each family.

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From The Heart Gifts, Inc. is an all volunteer, non-prot 501(c)3 - our goal is to provide special, personalized Christmas gifts to families from our neighborhood schools.  In our school district many students qualify for free and reduced lunch, which means their family income is at or below the poverty level.  For these families, providing that most special Christmas-wish gift for their child is often very dicult, if not impossible - this is where From the Heart goes to work!

Working with referring school sta, we gather information to identify families who need our help.  Parents/guardians are interviewed to identify the special desires of the children.  From The Heart Gifts, Inc.  makes every eort to provide that special gift in addition to a new outt or winter coats or boots…and always a goodie-lled stocking.  In addition, parents receive a basket with gift cards to Meijer or Target and seasonal goodies.

Over the past six years we have raised over $18,000 and served more than 31 families (105 children and 47 adults).  To continue our success we need your help! For those of you who have already joined our From the Heart family, we thank you for helping us to make the holidays for families and their children special over the past six years and ask that you continue to include us in your giving plans.  If you are not familiar with From The Heart Gifts, Inc.  yet, we invite you to check us out on Facebook and welcome you to join in helping us add more children and families to our endeavor.

With your donation, we will purchase gifts, wrap and deliver them to our families.  In 2015 we spent approximately $100 per child and were able to make Christmas morning wishes of bicycles, books, games and clothes come true for 52 people! We also appreciate and accept gifts such as hand-made items (hats, mittens, scarves), wrapping paper, tape, 30-gallon red or green bins, and childrens books.

From The Heart Gifts has been in operation for six years.  Our goal is to continue to serve more children each year, and to remain a 100% volunteer organization to ensure that every penny donated is spent on the kids and their families so that everyone has a special Christmas morning.  What we have learned in the past six years, is that we can be more eective if we get started earlier in that we are only able to include more children if we know we have the monetary resources to support them.  For that reason we ask that you consider making your donations within the next 30 days.

Checks should be made out to From The Heart Gifts, Inc. and mailed to:

From The Heart Gifts, Inc.
1037 Royce
Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49001
If you have questions or would like to talk to us directly, you can use the Contact Us page to reach out to us and start a conversation or give us a call.

With Gratitude,

Susan Gaunt, Jeme Baker, and Mary Hoyle